As one of the oldest restaurant and catering companies in Missoula, we have served several generations of families and helped them create the perfect setting for those memories-in-the-making. We know that the presentation and the quality of the meal you choose can define your event for many of the guests, and we take our job very seriously. It is our goal to ensure that you will be impressed with the results, as will your guests.
We will give you seasonal vegetables at their peak, fresh ripe fruits handled with care, the best meats, fish and poultry prepared with skill and attention... food that tastes the way it should. We prepare our own sauces, blend our own marinades, hand cut beef and chicken for your menu, all with an eye to providing you with the best possible food.
Catering services can be provided in many styles. We have packed sack lunches for ten, provided hot dogs and hamburgers for twenty, prepared and served a sit-down roast buffalo dinner for forty, a cold supper on ice for a boat party of one hundred, and barbecues and buffets for crowds of up to five hundred.

A catered meal costs about as much as a comparable meal in a good restaurant. Many buffet-style meals can be designed to eliminate any need for additional service, keeping the costs surprisingly affordable. We can work with almost any budget. Feel free to discuss your budget and your requirements with us.
From beautiful appetizer selections, to meat and cheese trays with sandwich ingredients, to barbecues and sit down dinners, we have dozens of menus to choose from. Perhaps you have a family favorite or with something completely unique. We will work with you to achieve your complete satisfaction.
Your party date will be reserved when a deposit of one-third the estimated cost of the event has been received. We ask for a final head count no later than three working days before your party. The balance is due upon delivery, unless prior arrangements have been made, and will be based on the final head count you provided us.

Call us when you are ready to plan your next event!